Procuretechs Network showcases the world's most innovative best-of-breed procurement technology startups.

We have set ourselves the task of shaping the future of procurement. In addition, we support companies in the digitalization of purchasing by giving our customers an overview of new ideas and solutions and by making the startup landscape transparent.

There are so many great startups in the procurement space. But it's hard for customers to find it. By uniting the startups with such a similar customer focus, customers and also startups will have various synergies. The Procuretechs Network was founded to create a space for startups to join forces and create more visibility for startups in the procurement space. This will also help procurement professionals to find the right startup to work with and take the steps on the digitalisation journey..

Procurement in most mid-sized businesses is broken. They operate just like they did 20 years ago. Their "tech stack" is an archaic ERP system, email and Excel. The legacy brand suites don't cut it, but procurement and finance leaders still buy them - because they don't know about the alternatives. Procuretechs Network offers innovative startups and scale-ups the complete toolkit they need to amplify their message, understand their customer and sustainably grow in a challenging economic climate.