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Supplytechs is now Procuretechs Network!

Dear all,

We hope you all had an amazing and successful year, even though it feels like there is currently one crisis after the next! Digitalisation in procurement with fresh ideas and software became even more popular.


We have decided to make the following changes to take the Supplytechs Network to the next level.


  1. Supplytechs Network has been renamed to Procuretechs Network

    Over time, the term Procuretechs was becoming the accepted term for procurement startups. It is used by VCs and many customers, and also by Lance Younger for his great initiative of ProcureTech100. We truly aim to be the worldwide network of startups in the procurement space, and so using that term as well just makes more sense.


  1. James Meads will help to facilitate the network from now on


I am very happy to announce that we will join forces with James Meads. Most of you will already know James as the host of The Procuretech Podcast and his Procurement Software directory website. He’s been an influencer in the procurement space for quite some time and worked as a Procurement Manager and Consultant in many countries. It’s a great honour to have him on board.


  1. Membership is free for everybody now.


We decided to discontinue the sponsored membership. Thanks to all sponsors in the past for your support! We will turn all sponsored memberships into free memberships. Procuretechs Network will monetise the site through paid events and content upgrades. Participation in these events will be completely voluntary!


Best regards,


The Procuretechs Network Team