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CEO: Tim Grunow

Location: Zürich / Switzerland
Founding year: 2019
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Tendering
  • Negotiation
  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Special Products

Procurement teams need to manage different levels of complexity of sourcing processes and need to flexibly adapt to the demand at hand. Most tools are rigid and complicate the tender set-up to the point that sending out documents via e-mail is a much simpler solution. As tools don’t support tender analytics, scenario modelling and negotiation preparation, Outlook and Excel are the number one professional tools of modern Procurement organizations.


Archlet moves tenders and analytics from Outlook & Excel to one flexible and central platform. Our user-centric tender management, analytics, scenario planning & optimization capabilities scale with the complexity of the project. By enabling holistic sourcing decisions that incorporate commercial and non-commercial factors like sustainability, risk or diversity, we empower every user to make better sourcing decisions faster. This reduces manual tasks and frees headspace for strategic thinking.


Archlet offers a flexible sourcing module that allows to structure and conduct RFx processes that generate high quality tender data by design. The analytic section identifies negotiation opportunities and actionable insights on a supplier & category level. The scenario planning & optimization module uses mathematical optimization algorithms to support holistic sourcing decisions, model award scenarios and identify negotiation opportunities.

Business model:

Archlet offers annual subscriptions for its sourcing and optimization apps.


We focus on capabilities that scale across different levels of sourcing complexity and boost the efficiency and impact for our users, delivered in an intuitive and user-centric interface that can be used by every single sourcing manager, not just by digital natives. By doing so, we drive company-wide user adoption that delivers increased sourcing efficiency and impact.

Target customers:

We work with Small and Medium Enterprises, family-owned companies and multi-billion global organizations. They share a pioneering spirit and willingness to bring advanced sourcing technology to their entire team. Some have already tools in place and only want to enhance them with analytics & optimization capabilities, others want to manage the end-to-end sourcing process with Archlet. We’re happy to make both options happen.


We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning alongside linear and non-linear mathematical optimization to provide smart sourcing solutions to our clients. This combination allows us to provide guided sourcing experiences that range from negotiation opportunity identification to recommendations on potential sourcing scenarios. And the system gets smarter over time, refining the recommendations based on usage patterns of sourcing managers and suppliers.

Existing customers:

Archlet serves companies in multiple industries and verticals across a variety of spend categories.
We’re proud to have PepsiCo, Deutsche Bahn, Emmi Group, Hasler Rail & Tesca among our clients.

Contact: Lukas Wawrla

Business Development

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