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Location: Berlin
Founding year: 2019
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Complience
  • Contract Management
  • Knowledge Management

Poor contract management costs companies up to 9% bottom line. On average, about $3000 is lost per B2B contract, 20% of time is wasted on contract approvals. It takes 2 hours to find a contract stored in the cloud, on the shelf, or even on a private device. Such contracts cannot be adequately monitored for compliance or data security. Important milestones are lost in complex contract terms or detached calendars. Valuable contract data cannot be analyzed or harnessed, resulting in lost revenue.


Highly secure AI-organized data repository for contracts, accessible only with the private key. Context-aware AI that can analyze complex legal documents make actionable suggestions and monitor obligations. Automatic fulfillments or reminders of obligations. Fast approval processes for any data format (zip, excel, video, etc.).
Solution: AI and blockchain-based, universally affordable, secure, and fully automated SaaS contract management platform with a native digital signature.


For companies with contracts scattered in cabinets, shared folders and hard drives INHUBBER provides secure E2E Encrypted document repository. Centralized data starts bringing ROI instead of dusting around.

For companies emailing back and forth contract versions that need to be printed, signed, scanned, and passed along to the next party, INHUBBER provides a digital signature to speed up approvals, and an immutable audit trail to track the latest versions of documents.

Business model:

INHUBBER is a software company specializing in cloud-based Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and digital signature solutions. The company’s business model is a flexible subscription model based on the number of licenses or number of contracts created, signed and tracked.
The product and service offering is aimed at companies of all industries and sizes.


Highest security level worldwide. All documents are encrypted separately.
Exceptional contextual AI analysis. AI-supported management of any quantity of documents.
Digital signature for any file format (.zip, .excel, .video, etc.). Documents do not have to be converted to PDF for signing.

Target customers:

Procurement and sales departments of medium-sized and large companies.


We received several R&D grants and awards for our AI and blockchain technologies. With our AI, we organise large volumes of documents and provide contextual document analysis. With blockchain, we deliver the world’s highest level of security and compliance.

Existing customers:

We service one corporation and 15 medium-sized companies. Our customers are procurement and sales departments, but also the real estate and construction industry, cross-departmentally.

Contact: Dr. Elena Mechik


Mobile phone: 017642042933
Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.