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CEO: Patrick Thelen

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Founding year: 2021
Start-up Phase: MVP
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Payment
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Collaboration

In recent years, the use of supplier portals like SAP Ariba, JAGGAER, and SupplyOn has increased significantly – these web portals are introduced by enterprise customers to digitize their purchasing process. The use of supplier portals usually results in at least twice as much work for sales staff compared to the conventional exchange of order documents via e-mail, since each portal has its own login and most of the order data must be entered twice.


The Procuros Integration Hub makes it simpler for industrial suppliers to digitally connect with their customers. Procuros integrates common procurement portals like SAP Ariba, JAGGER or SupplyOn, brings all order documents from these portals into a standard data model, and then directly connects with a supplier’s ERP system – this allows fully digital processing of order documents (e.g., sales orders, shipping notices, or invoices) and eliminates the need for manual data entry.


The Procuros Integration Hub helps your sales staff save time during order entry. Order data is automatically transferred between a supplier’s ERP system and the supplier portals of their customers. This results in a reduction of time required for order processing of >80% and a reduction in errors during manual data entry of >90%.


Procuros integrates all common supplier portals that industrial suppliers are already working with today. The data is provided to suppliers in the format and protocols they are already using today, for example via EDI. All data is transferred via a single connection, independent of the number of portals that are connected and additional supplier portals or customer connections can be added with a few clicks without the need for dedicated IT resources.


We support data exchange in most common document formats (EDIFACT, OAGIS, X12, etc.) and integrate in the preffered connection method of suppliers (AS2, HTTPS, SFTP, etc.).

Contact: Patrick Thelen


Mobile phone: +4915156843920
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