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CEO: Sheldon Mydat

Location: London
Founding year: 2017
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • SRM
  • Performance Management
  • Collaboration

Through increasingly turbulent times, our ability to generate savings from cost-based procurement strategies is continuing to diminish.
Cost driven approaches to supplier ecosystems & supply chain have been shown in the last 18 months to be gravely flawed.
In many cases this has presented as an existential threat to business longevity; if not already a well established hemorrhaging in value retention.


Suppeco leverages the potential in supply chain relationships to solve key challenges facing the customer-supplier ecosystem – reducing risk, driving innovation, promoting automation, and supporting growth.


Collaborative relationships are the new competitive advantage. In enterprise terms, we are able to support an extra 10-15% incremental savings annually across the top 20% of our customers’ strategic supplier base.

Business model:

True B2B SaaS for Enterprise.
A modular platform – core services with additional modular options.
Customer controlled subscription options.
Ease of implementation – no customisation or intrusive implementation required, same day value creation. Log-in and go.
Built as standalone and to open API best practice (to fully interrogate).


We’ve created structure within the relationship space – an area that lacked any measurability is now manageable, structured & supports scalable value & performance excellence. AI autonomously charts risk across the ecosystem. A unique user experience enables targeted & actionable reviews via service improvement plans and reciprocal assessments. We’ve created an unrivalled frictionless environment for collaboration at scale, across unlimited multi-party teams and territories.

Target customers:

Our customers are organisations whom appreciate the importance of going beyond contract performance. They require substantially more than a contracted profit margin. They seek to drive exponential value through the top line – a truly reciprocal relationship, exploring trust, value, innovation, enhanced collaboration, shared R&D, shared values, and thought leadership.


Native cloud, Azure, Optional SSO – Azure active directory and federated access,
AI autonomous Risk Optimisation.
Dynamic Realtime Data insights.
Fully responsive access with no drop in functionality.
Fully On-demand.
Secure and frictionless collaborative chat.

Existing customers:

We have a mix of customers and platform users across the defense, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, workforce management sectors.

Contact: Sheldon Mydat


Mobile phone: +44 (0) 7912651940
Phone: +44 (0) 333 344 6965
Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.