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apadua GmbH

Location: Cologne/Germany
Founding year: 2016
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Supplier Scouting
  • Tendering
  • Performance Management

Professional services procurement for many companies is characterized by the same three underlying problems:
1. Insufficient exploitation of potential competition due to insufficient market transparency
2. Lack of quality control during the project delivery due to the intangible nature of services per se
3. Little or no strategic procurement involvement due to its perceived obstructionist role within the organization


apadua offers a digital platform for the collaborative procurement of Professional Services. The three modules empower procurement to engage with its internal customers and services providers:
1. EXPLORE | Find the right service providers quickly
2. SOURCE | Tender projects collaboratively and compliantly
3. MONITOR | Continuously measure the quality and value contribution of external partners


Based on a unique technology, we link demand and supply in the field of Professional Services. Without implementation and training effort, companies use the apadua platform to strengthen their procurement capabilities. This way, projects are specified in just 30 minutes, suitable service providers are matched in real time, project RFPs are initiated and a truly sustainable quality assurance process is initiated.

Business model:

The three modules are available in a combination of free and paid versions.


We offer unparalleled market insight and a ready-to-use e-procurement solution tailored to Professional Services sourcing. The quality assurance is adapted from Direct Materials procurement standards.

Target customers:

All companies and their procurement organizations with regular demand of Professional Services.


We digitize and automate the procurement of Professional Services by applying machine learning and smart algorithms. All data is stored on ISO-certified servers in Germany. In addition to our proprietary solutions, we rely on Microsoft Azure technology and offer numerous integration options via a RESTful API.

Existing customers:

We currently serve numerous Fortune Global 500 as well as medium-sized companies globally.

Contact: Gregory Vider

Managing Director

Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.