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BOX ID Systems GmbH

CEO: Wolfgang Vogl

Location: Munich
Founding year: 2018
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Performance Management
  • Controlling and Reporting
  • Special Products

The BOX ID Asset Tracking & Management Software provides real-world insights to help detect irregularities in the supply chain, reduce loss, increase availability, avoid shortages, automate processes and thus ensure a consistent inventory supply to customers and production sites. Get 100% supply chain visibility with BOX ID Systems. Intro Video


BOX ID Systems helps industrial customers to highly optimize handling processes & costs related to operating returnable logistics packaging (load-carriers). With the BOX ID Asset Management Software and Tracking/Monitoring Solutions customers gain immediate digital transparency of inventory availability & status throughout their entire supply chain. BOX ID Sales Pitch (DE 7mins)


BOX ID has developed a tracking & cloud software solution that allows for multiple data sources to be aggregated together and to provide a full digital image of real-world logistics processes and inventory status as it moved thought the production supply chain. The BOX ID Asset Management Software helps optimize scan events, tracking events, status events, and provides KPI/insights which help power process automation and help optimize handling costs.

Business model:

Solution as a Service (low cost monthly service subscription)


+ Automatic, Continuous Inventory
+ Eliminate Shrinkage, Identify and Track & Monitor Misuse
+ Avoid Manual Search Effort
+ Process Monitoring and Analysis

Target customers:

Customers from Automotive Production, Tier-1 Suppliers, Industrial Production, Glass & Window Industry, rely on BOX ID to manage their logistics assets.


BOX ID combines Low Power Wide Area Telecom Network, IIoT Battery Powered Tracking Devices, and Industrial Cloud Software to create a specialized long-life, low-cost cost solution to track millions of assets across the world.

Existing customers:

VW, Siemens, Weha, Wanzl

Contact: Shawn Silberhorn


Mobile phone: +491716166314
Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.