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Location: Berlin
Founding year: 2020
Start-up Phase: MVP
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Sustainability

Market conditions are changing rapidly and the need for sustainability data to integrate into procurement decisions is continuously increasing, motivated by regulatory requirements and more importantly by customer demands and investment prerequisites. Yet these changing market demands are being addressed with outdated technologies and inappropriate processes that lead to overly complex operations and high inefficiencies.


Ecotrek leverages the increasing transparency of corporate sustainability data to create holistic sustainability profiles. The gathered data range from qualitative statements to management standards and performance measures. In addition, sophisticated scoring algorithms enable putting companies in perspective in terms of transparency, competitive benchmarking, and sustainability performance.


Ecotrek delivers sustainability data and analytical insights to take more intelligent sourcing and investment decisions that deliver a competitive edge. We allow flexible integration of sustainability in negotiations & award decisions through the integration of sustainability scores in scenario modelling, transparency on opportunity costs of sustainable alternatives and real-time scenario modelling.
The data and insights are delivered through the Ecotrek Data Cloud and the solutions it powers.

Business model:

Cloud-based SaaS – Annual Licenses, # of Modules, # of Users,
Reports – pay per report
API – Annual Licenses


a) Data
– Broad and deep data coverage
– objective representation based on “best fit” logic
-Integration of the key figures for Sustainable Performance Measurement and Reporting, which are used operationally in the purchasing decision

b) Individuality
– Individual objectives for the company based on their own sustainability strategy
– Setting priorities within the weighting of the various sustainable indicator

c) collaboration
– Data-based collaboration between suppliers and customers


Our technology core is build on Artificial Intelligence alongside public sustainability data mining to collect the data.

Contact: Rena Kleine


Mobile phone: 017641265922
Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.