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Valunoo GmbH

CEO: Christian Haas

Location: Munich
Founding year: 2019
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Negotiation
  • SRM
  • Spend Analytics

Negotiation success is crucial for every purchaser and a very important performance KPI for procurement departments. But successful negotiations need a through preparation, analyzing many data points, understanding technical specifications and evaluating which suppliers perform well in the defined technical specification. 95% of purchasers have developed their commodity individual EXCEL-sheet to prepare for negotiations, but these tools allow only a medium negotiation performance


COVALYZE is a unique data platform that exceeds all existing software in two major dimensions:
1. COVALYZE integrates PLM mass data, like geometry parameters, performance, parameters, quality requirements, etc. in a structured category specific data set
2. COVALYZE provides advanced analytics with machine learning that no other competitor.
Still, for the user COVALYZE is very easy to use and supports purchasers in an efficient preparation and a significant higher negotiation performance


Our customers transfer their unstructured category data (EXCEL/csv, pdf, 3D CAD drawings, etc).to COVALYZE. COVALYZE screens the data and sets up a structured data set. Our software automatically determines the best fit model for every dataset and provides a multitude of negotiation specific analytic use cases, for example immediate should costing for new articles/designs, identify similar parts/reduce part variance and effectively prepare supplier specific negotiations

Business model:

COVALYZE is Software-as-a-Service with a monthly license fee for each customer category. Number of users per category is basically for free, which allows COVALYZE to be used as a collaboration tool for big global category teams of purchasers and engineers. Depending o the data complexity provided by the customer there is a one-time-setup fee in the beginning fora each category. This setup fee includes several online workshops with the teams including an in depth result interpretation


– ALL relevant category data is 24/7 stored and updated in ONE place during license period
– Unstructured technical data is made available and even enriched by additional parameters, e.g. raw material indices
– Advanced analytic algorithms are applied first time to this new data sets, that provides additional insights for global teams
– Users are actively enabled by COVALYZE team in workshop and online training courses, while using COVALYZE is still very easy to use

Target customers:

Purchasing managers from director to CPO across basically all industries and regions. Our biggest customers currently are global manufacturing companies with a high variety in categories and articles. We currently focus on the DACH region, but continuously extend our reach to UK and US due to a higher acceptance of software startups to contract


Cloud based Software-as-a-Service provided from a 100% German cloud provider. High security infrastructure, audited by our biggest customer. Software developed completely by COVALYZE development team, analytic kernel based on proven Python code

Existing customers:

Dyson Ltd., Siemens AG, Siemens Healthineers GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG, Schreiner Group GmbH, Kion AG

Contact: Christian Haas

Sales & Marketing

Mobile phone: +49 171 337 3553
Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.