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Titan Solutions AG

CEO: Oliver Engelbrecht

Location: Schindellegi/Schwyz/Switzerland
Founding year: 2020
Start-up Phase: MVP
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Supplier Scouting
  • Complience
  • EDI / Master Data Management

The rapid advancement of digitalisation within Procurement requires

(A) higher quality supplier information on demand
(B) accurate, tailored and business driven taxonomy of supplier information
(C) more flexible delivery solutions (to prevent data supplier lock-in)

that are accessible to all companies regardless of their size.

Furthermore, one topic that caught the eye is that 75% of CPOs think that enhanced supplier information-sharing is the top supply risk mitigation strategy!


Titan bringing Big Data to Global Procurement. The Titan Supplier Information Management Platform (Titan SIM) provides an easy to use approach that

(1) ensures high quality supplier information in a timely fashion
(2) provides business driven taxonomy of supplier information
(3) is accessible via an easy to use web front-end and/or API
(4) integrates into existing procurement suites and work-flow tools, independent of data supplier
(5) covers key areas: master-, commercial- and risk data


Titan provides easy complete data sourcing to make vendor selection more effective and affordable. Based on cutting-edge technology Titan SIM offers easy to use access to high quality company data while allowing for seamless integration into e.g. existing procurement-, risk and CRM suites through an API. Our deep procurement-, sales and digitalization know-how allows us to offer best-practice solutions, also available as consulting services.


We are the one data backbone for your supplier- and market information; providing high quality data and business driven taxonomy of suppliers.


We currently use AWS Cloud services to provide our offer. Our API is built to OpenAPI Specification (OAS) and the documentation is generated via Swagger UI. We currently develop Machine Learning algorithms for data enhancement, quality assurance and taxonomy of suppliers.

Contact: Jakob Glassmeier

Data lead

Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.