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CEO: Giacomo Franchini

Location: Milan/Italy
Founding year: 2016
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • SRM
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability

In industrial B2B, more than 50% of revenues, on average, are used for purchasing goods & services, but supply chains are fragmented and companies often create customer-specific management processes. Few information is shared, suppliers have hundreds of profiles on tens of websites, and can hardly keep track. There is a lack of industry-shared standards. Finally, more countries every day are approving laws demanding organizations an ever-growing involvement in supplier due diligence.


SupplHi is an out-of-the-box Vendor Management SaaS for industrial manufacturing, with a strong focus on sustainability. Applying an unconventional approach to a traditional problem, SupplHi combines efficiency and compliance to allow buyer users to manage a complex supplier base, facilitating real-time risk monitoring and stimulating improvement from Vendors. Its industry-wide collaborative network of 66k Vendors from 110 geographies allows cost reduction for all players, on a global level.


SupplHi is a modular and secure Vendor Management SaaS with a strong focus on sustainability. Buyer organizations can use it to perform scouting, qualification, ESG performance assessment, evaluation and risk monitoring of all their vendors in a single place. Performing quality assurance of the information provided by suppliers, it brings efficiency and compliance to the entire industry. Moreover, being multi-lingual and free of charge for suppliers, it guarantees widespread inclusiveness.

Business model:

SupplHi offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) contract to Buyer organizations and a free-or-charge subscription to Vendors.
SupplHi is a SaaS modular subscription allowing customers to grow seamlessly over time, adding new modules upon request.


SupplHi is an industry-shared secure and modular platform with 28k buyer users and 66k suppliers globally. It is a one-stop-solution covering all Vendor Management needs, including scouting, qualification, performance evaluation, SRM, ESG performance monitoring and Scope 3 CO2 estimates that differentiates from the competition by validating the information provided by Suppliers through industry-specific questionnaires.

Target customers:

Large and international Buyer organizations procuring B2B industrial supplies across thousands of suppliers, spread globally. More specifically, the ideal target customer for SupplHi SaaS is a Buyer organization with over €1 billion turnover that is distinctively active in the Construction, Oil&Gas, Shipbuilding, Renewables, Steel and adjacent industries and with a large and fragmented Vendor base of thousands of Vendors.


SupplHi is a cloud-based SaaS hosted on AWS European servers. It does not require any software. Based on a serverless environment, its Frontend is built with Angular and geographically distributed through a Content Delivery Network to optimize the performance, whie the Backend is built on a Java-based microservices environment and released on a container platform that scales nodes according to instructions of a Load Balancer. SupplHi has 3 ISO certifications: ISO 27001, 27017 and ISO 27018.

Existing customers:

As of today, our main customers are major international EPC Contractors in the industrial B2B sectors: Maire Tecnimont, Fincantieri, Saipem, Bonatti.
SupplHi shares trust among Buyers and Vendors in a $900B/year global market for industrial supplies (Energy, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Shipbuilding, Renewables, Steel, Mining) that accounts on average for more than 50% of a company’s revenues and requires constantly updated visibility on what and how a Supplier can perform in a Sustainable manner.

Contact: Giacomo Franchini

Founder and CEO

Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.