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CEO: Christian Alsen

Location: Berlin, Germany
Founding year: 2013
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Complience
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Management

Documentation and collaboration in Supply Chain departments of various industries is usually a nightmare, but has to be done by high-qualified professionals like purchasing, quality, regulatory professionals and other. Basic tools like MS Excel, Outlook and Sharepoint do not do the job well. This is resulting in a lot of time wasted on finding, collecting and updating documents that are needed for buying, researching, negotiating and compliance purposes. Cross-company collaboration also an issue


Organize documents with checklists for completeness monitoring and with expiry dates for monitoring actuality.
Folders and a lot of sharing, communication and organizing features are needed with an integration to outlook. Needs to be a SaaS solution, esp. now that remote work got so more important.


relatico provides an easy-to-use, quickly productive and inexpensive platform to always stay on top of documentation and collaboration.
Departments and data is organized in workspaces, completeness and actuality are always visible in real-time, supported by smart reminder and renewal features. Lots of other smart features like OCR/ full text search, tags, sharing, ingestion, exports, reports and MS Outlook add-on available. GDPR compliant.

Business model:

monthly subscriptions.


Only we have
– Checklists/ completeness features
– actuality and reminder features
– contact log with ingestion

Target customers:

Manufacturing companies (esp packaging and food & beverage), but also everyone else in manufacturing that has the need of getting organized in Supply Chain collaboration and documentation

Existing customers:

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Contact: Christian Alsen


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