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CEO: Nick Verkroost

Location: London, UK
Founding year: 2021
Number of employees: 00015
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Complience
  • Risk Management
  • EDI / Master Data Management

Supplier management is about more than reducing cost. Procurement is responsible for ensuring continuity of supply from a compliant, risk-assessed supply chain that is environmentally and ethically conscious.

Yet the supplier information procurement relies on to make these decisions is typically scattered across multiple documents and systems which makes it unusable. Add to this an over-reliance on manual processes, and your procurement team faces an unwinnable challenge.


Canopy is the rules-based supplier management platform that provides complete visibility of your supplier information and removes the administrative burden of supplier management.

It achieves this by aggregating supplier data into a trusted vendor master record. It then leverages this data to automate your business processes.

By eliminating the manual effort required to manage suppliers, Canopy saves time, reduces cost, and allows you to realise the strategic opportunities from supply chain.


• Aggregates trusted & accurate supplier information in a shareable record to highlight the best vendors
• Eliminates manual processes for supplier onboarding and maintenance, saving time and money
• Integrates with critical business systems, increasing accuracy and efficiency
• Facilitates fast response to supply chain problems through smart access to vendor data
• Increases supplier compliance and reduces risk across all locations
• Independently audited question sets covering 26 countries

Business model:

Canopy is provided on a SaaS licence fee basis


1. Trusted & secure vendor master record
Canopy aggregates supplier data with third party sources, creating a trusted system of record audited to SOC1 Type II standards

2. Eliminates manual effort
Canopy’s automation rules remove administrative effort, feeding downstream systems & ERP

3. Built for the real world
Canopy can be configured to fit varying operating models, and gives local operators the autonomy to make supplier decisions while adhering to a centrally defined governance framework

Target customers:

Canopy is specially designed for small procurement teams managing multiple sites with localised needs. Canopy can determine a supplier’s suitability down to a site-specific level. This makes it particularly suited to companies with locally managed purchasing decisions and suppliers who require on-site access, such as:
• Construction, Civil Engineering, and Utilities Sites
• Facilities and Property Management Services
• Hospitality, Travel, and Leisure
• Care Homes, Retirement Homes, and Hospices


Canopy is an Enterprise SaaS platform, hosted in the cloud and accessed via a web browser

Existing customers:

Selected customers include global blue-chip companies such as CBRE, Caterpillar and EDF and rapidly growing businesses such as Yondr and Edyn Group

Contact: Nick Verkroost


Mobile phone: +44 (0) 7769 676039
Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.