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Datapred SA

Location: Lausanne/Switzerland
Founding year: 2017
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Performance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Spend Analytics

For industrial companies, buying energy and raw materials is increasingly complex: markets are volatile, prices are high, and potentially conflicting internal requirements (e.g. profits, sustainability, asset maximization, risk management) are multiplying.
And yet, most industrial companies still rely on spreadsheets to assess potential energy and raw material buying/hedging strategies, and to keep track of the corresponding transactions.
Resulting in countless missed optimization opportunities.


Combining market analysis and industrial optimization to offer the ability to test energy and raw material buying/hedging strategy in a safe space, then maximize the execution of the selected strategy.


A SaaS solution showing industrial energy and raw material buyers where they are, where they need to go, and how to get there.
– Where they are: historical transactions, historical and expected consumption, and quick profit and loss calculations.
– Where they need to go: real-time market data, analyses, forecasts, alerts and scenarios.
– How to get there: continuously updated and benchmarked buying/hedging suggestions taking into account company-specific decision factors.

Business model:

Annual subscriptions, starting at €180 and increasing to 6-figure amounts, based on features and number of users.


Datapred is the only decision-support solution for energy and raw material buyers combining the external view (market analysis) and the internal view (industrial optimization). That combination is essential to replicating the mental model of energy and raw material buyers, and identifying directly actionable optimization opportunities.

Target customers:

Energy and raw material intensive companies in Europe (today) and Asia (upcoming).
Metals, packaging, pulp and paper, construction materials, food production, chemicals…
We used to focus on large companies, but recent additions to our solution enable us to address the SME market as well.


Machine learning for market analysis, with a strong focus on time series modeling (we won a worldwide time series modeling challenge organized by Airbus in 2019).
Operations research for industrial optimization.

Contact: Thomas Oriol


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