The Startup Network

Supplytechs is now Procuretechs Network!

Procuretechs Network showcases the world’s most innovative procurement technology startups.

We’ve set ourselves the task of shaping the future of procurement. We’re here to help companies to successfully digitize their procurement operations by amplifying the new ideas and solutions out there in the procuretech startup landscape.

We’re shaping the future of procurement together by leveraging our synergies and supporting each other. Let’s showcase best-of-breed procurement technology’s competitive advantage vs. the legacy brands. Agility, UX and ease of implementation.

By now, we are


startups in our network!

We are supported by a mentor network of proven procurement experts from business and academia.

From the various startup solutions, we can build our own best-of-breed ecosystem.

In the Procuretechs Network platform, individual solutions are bundled holistically, in which the solution alternatives can be used as if plug-and-play as in an APP.

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